Week 12 – Audience & Proposal in Practice

Watching an interview with Dr. Wendy McMurdo has got me thinking about some interesting points for my project:

-          She discussed how her work was first made using film and in later years switched to digital technology. In researching for my project I’ve been looking at the tintype portraits of surfers by Joni Sternbach. For both of these women the method of making their work has been a consideration. For me, growing up with film but having used digital technology from my teenage years the method of photograph production has never really been a consideration. In thinking about it now, as digital cameras are the norm to use another method of photograph production is to make a statement about how the photographs are made, maybe more so than what the photographs are of. I want the focus of my project to be on the subject of the images, and not the technology that made them therefore I will continue to create them with a digital camera.

-          Dr McMurdo commented that it is useful for many reasons to work within your community and to work close to home. Unfortunately as my home is not physically close to some surf communities I want to include in my project I think I will need to approach this from a social/cultural community aspect, rather than a purely geographically close community aspect.

-          She also commented that it is important to make your intentions clear regarding the work you want to make. From making the images for my work in progress portfolio I did experience issues regarding the time it takes to explain the aim and intentions behind my project to people I want to photograph. I had already thought that I may need to pre-arrange sessions with some people in order to be able to have a longer shooting time with the subject(s). However, this has also made me feel the need to make my intentions clearer for myself and also within my proposal, which I hope I was able to do.

Saunton Sands, Devon UK - April2017

Saunton Sands, Devon UK - April2017