Week 11 - Exhibition Preparation

One of the individual images I am adding into the exhibition

One of the individual images I am adding into the exhibition

I have decided to display a selection of photographs for my exhibition, rather than the entirety of my WIP portfolio. This is partly a practical reason as the cost of printing all the images would be too much, and partly because I don’t want the viewers to be overwhelmed by the number of photographs that would be displayed if I did show everything, especially as the space I am showing in is not expansive. I want the viewers to leave the exhibition “energized rather than exhausted”[i]. Something I personally dislike about large exhibitions is that when they are so full of things to look at, all of which are very similar, one reaches a point of ‘exhibition saturation’ (as my husband and I call it), where you can’t take in any more information and the displays all merge into one.

Through this exhibition I am looking for feedback on the images as well as the overall feel of the collection, and I want the viewers to be able to really look at and consider the works rather than be focussing on the number of images presented. I have developed a short questionnaire about the photographs/exhibition, that I am going to ask the viewers to complete so I can try to understand and hopefully improve the project going forwards.

Something I wrote about previously is my concern that if the project comprises solely of image pairings the impact of them might be diffused, and from a more introspective place there are some individual images that aren’t part of a pairing that I would like to keep in the project as they show other views of who UK surfers are. So I have also decided for the exhibition to include some of these individual images as an experiment to see how they affect the exhibition when displayed alongside the pairings. I am also asking the viewers to comment on the individual vs. pairings in the questionnaire.  

[i] MARINCOLA, Paula. 2015. What Makes a Great Exhibition? Chicago & London: Reaktion Books Ltd.