Week 10 - WIP


My focus this week on has been finalising the images for the work-in-progress portfolio, and combining more of my photographs into image pairings.

I have enjoyed re-visiting some photographs that I haven’t looked at for a few weeks, and being able to see the effect of all the images together.

Whilst I am fairly pleased with the pairings and how they look together, I do wonder whether the repetition of the pairings decreases their impact. Going forwards I wonder whether the project would feel more balanced if it included some non-paired images. The pairings do show surfing in the UK from the inland-surfer’s world, and going forwards I think it could be interesting to also show other aspects of surfing in the UK, as it is not a one dimensional culture; something I would like to explore in the coming modules.

It has also struck me, how much my project has changed from the original ideas I had. I feel like this module has been so focused on methods of making work and I’ve been pushed into, and perhaps distracted by, these different methods that I’m not sure what my project is anymore or what I’m trying to say with it. I think going forwards I need to find a stronger voice and more focussed ideas at the outset to be able to keep it on track. Now, as well as going forwards, I feel I need to think more about, and decide in a more definitive way, in the words of David Hurn, “Why am I doing this? What interests me? Where, and how, will it be used?”[i]


[i] HURN, David, JAY, Bill. 2008. On Being a Photographer. 3rd edn. Anacortes WA: LensWork Publishing