Week 9 - Presentation


This week I’ve been focusing on my oral presentation. It has been difficult to try to consolidate everything about my project and methodologies into 10 minutes but I hope I’m getting there!

It has been quite interesting actually, putting down all my thoughts about my project that I haven’t yet written about into words. It has made me start to think a bit more about the project going forwards. For example the in-water photography. Not all the images turned out exactly as I would have liked but I do feel they are relevant to the project as they add a different perspective to it. They show what it is like to be in the ocean, and parallel the more “standard” tropical water images with coral etc. by instead showing the colder waters of the UK and what it is like to be a surfer in the UK in these modern times.

Liz Wells writes that “Photography has always been caught up in new technologies and played a central part in the making of the modern world”[i]. This is true for in-water photography and in particular the conception and development of GoPro cameras. GoPro was developed by a surfer in order to easily take in-water photographs and video whilst surfing using high quality affordable equipment. This new technology had a huge impact on documenting surfing and modern surf photography and is one of the reasons I want to include not just in-water images, but specifically images taken using a GoPro, in my project.

This is a part of the project I want to continue and with more practice and experience will hopefully generate some more successful results.


[i] WELLS, Liz. 2015. Photography: A Critical Introduction. 5th edn. Abingdon & New York: Routledge