Week 5

Project Development

Thinking about connecting with people as part of a marketing plan made me question not only how to do this but also how I would feel about trying to “sell” my work, both actually sell for money and also sell as a concept/idea. I have been struggling lately with my project, as it has moved away from my original ideas, and I’ve noticed recently that I’ve not only been having trouble making work for it but also explaining it to other non-course people. I had lost enthusiasm for the project I felt like I didn’t really know what the point was anymore and that I was trying to convince myself about it to have to keep doing it.

Whilst thinking about networking I thought about working with others / what I want to show others through my work / who I could work with / how I could work with them. This in turn again made me think about how my project had moved away from working with others and how that wasn’t necessarily what I wanted to do. All of this lead to me questioning whether my inland/coast project was what I really wanted to do. Previously one of my ideas for my project was for it to consist of photographs of female surfers in the UK, to show that the media stereotype of who female surfers are is not necessarily who female surfers are. A lot of the ideas in this week’s forum post regarding networking I felt for me would need to be done in two ways; one way/one side of photography for the course, and another for my actual photographic interests. Perhaps I should combine these?


Being ill this week put some limitations on physical networking; visiting galleries etc. However I did try to reach out to some photographers via e-mail and social media, as well as continuing to share work daily on Instagram. I haven’t had much luck with responses via e-mail, so this week I have also been looking more closely at any comments/likes I get to photos I upload. I have noticed that I rarely get likes from followers, a lot of likes that come in are from non-followers, occasionally this leads to new followers but not always, and if they do follow they then don’t often like another photo and I think unfollow after a few days, so I would presume they are just following to get me to follow them back. Which I’ll be honest is quite disheartening. There also seems to be some correlation between the nature of the photos I upload and number of likes, photos of the UK don’t seem to get as many as photos of other countries, but photos with tags related to surf seem to do better than others. There does seem to be a way to play the Instagram game that I’m not yet completely au fait with - more research/practice needed.